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Exploration works information over 2018:


From February, 04 to February, 08, 2019 Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra’s exploration works results for 2018 and plans for 2019 were reviewed by the Department for Geology and Subsoil Licensing of the Subsurface Resources Management Department on the Ural Federal District (URALNEDRA) along with Autonomous Institution “V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil”.

The planned volumes of 2018 exploration works were implemented mostly by the major oil companies OJSC “Surgutneftegaz”, PJSC “LUKOIL”, PJSC “Rosneft”, PJSC “Russneft”, PJSC “Gazprom Neft”. One field had been discovered (Yu.E. Baturin field with total recoverable oil reserves of category C1+C2 (estimated and inferred reserves) of  2.3 million tons were discovered).

The volume of 2018 exploration works was 451.4 thousand meters, including preliminary drilling – 129 thousand meters, 2D seismic prospecting – 1050 line kilometers, 3D seismic prospecting – 5220 km2. Incremental commercial reserves AB1C1 (reasonably assured, identified and estimated categories) was 277.2 million tons, including due to exploration drilling – 76.8 million tons. Oil production figures for 2018 indicated 236.45 million tons in the Okrug.

Regional seismic works were carried out for three prospective plots on the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra in 2018: Bazhenovskaya 1 deep well drilling (3200 m), regional seismic works common depth point method – 2D at Zapadno-Zaozerny subsoil plot (1000 m), processing and interpretation of Zaozerny subsoil plot’s common depth point method – 2D (project report).


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KhMAO-Yugra’s fields




One field was discovered in 2018 totally, recoverable oil reserves are 0.571 million tons of category С1 (estimated reserves), 1.836 million tons of category С2 (inferred reserves).


Oil fields, discovered in 2018





1. Yu.E. Baturin oil field was discovered within the Rogozhnikovskiy 5 subsoil plot (license KhMN 13144 NP) and Rogozhnikovskiy 6 subsoil plot (license KhMN 13145 NP)  by OJSC “Surgutneftegaz”. The field is located in Oktyabrskiy administrative region of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, in 98 km to the northwest from Khanty-Mansiysk city. Two oil deposits were discovered on the oil field at middle Jurassic deposits of Tyumen suite. One oil deposit is a part of   Krasnoleninskiy oil and gas district of Krasnoliniskaya oil-and-gas bearing region,  the part of the other oil deposit is a part of Lyaminskiy oil and gas district of Frolovskaya oil-and-gas bearing region. The field was discovered as a result of exploration works. In 2012 the prospecting hole 931 was drilled. As a result of that oil  content of  bed ЮК2-5 was determinated. As a result of  bed ЮК2-3 testing of prospecting hole 931P, oil flow with oil production rate of 1.06 m³/day was received in condition of hydrodynamic head of 1131 meters. As a result of testing ЮК4 oil flow with a production rate of 1.04 m3/day was received in condition of hydrodynamic head of 1313 meters.

















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