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Geological and other subsoil information fund



Department of geological and other subsoil information fund was established by the Resolution of the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra dated 15.02.2013 № 44 "Regarding regional fund of geological and other information of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra’s subsoil" based on primary geologic-geophysical information Databank of Autonomous Institution of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra "V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Center for the Rational Use of Subsoil".

The Department includes:
Laboratory for geological archive of information,
Laboratory for preparation of geologic-geophysical information,
Laboratory for preparation of digital information,
Laboratory for preparation of ecological-geological information,
Laboratory for the Fund’s loading and administration,
Laboratory for the Fund’s support and development,
Laboratory for geo-information systems,
Service for the Fund's technical information protection and computer equipment operation.

Laboratories' interrelationship and performing the Fund functions aim to the Department key tasks:

• Remastering, digitization, digital imaging, as well as historical data relevant to information sections storing at the Fund Databank, data preparation, conversion to the necessary format for subsequent placement at the Fund Databank;

• Registration, record keeping, structuring and storage of geologic-geophysical and other data on geological investigations turned over at the Fund archive in paper or electronic forms;

• Control of quality and completeness, structuring and standardization of geologic-geophysical data turned over for storage at the Fund Databank;

• Data preparation for references’ creation, loading and maintenance;

• Shp-files preparation for creation and loading of mapping information at the Fund Databank;

• Immediate information loading at the Fund Databank, loading of connections between data and their locations, physical data placement on disc array;

• Providing access of authorized users to the information storing at the Fund Databank;

• Data archive copies creation, storing at the Databank disc array, supporting of hardware-in-the-loop complex for the Fund Databank’s geological and other subsoil information;

• Data handling, searching, dataset generation and delivery of information according to user’s requests of subdivisions, enterprises working in the Okrug’s nature management and subsoil using fields as indicated in “Regulations of data collection, registration, storage and using” (recording information on magnetic medium or transferring by data link to work location subsystems as well as determined by internal rules of the organization);

• Getting of printouts for digital data;

• Issue of archive data in plain text format (printed) according to requests as specified in the established procedure and the accepted regulations.


As of 2015 functioning of the Department of geological and other subsoil information fund based on the using of hardware-in-the-loop complex Databank PetroVision and includes providing storage of information in the following sections:

exploration seismology (primary field data, results of processing of primary materials, graphic and textual materials of prepared report concerning seismic crew, informative description of the crew);

perspective objects;

thematic and research works;

solid minerals (information report description of activities, primary materials of the works, graphic and textual materials to the report);

licensed agreements;

licensed agreements for common minerals;

well stock (the informational description of wells) (Figure 1):

file of well;

vertical seismic profiling (informative description of works, textual and graphic materials to the report, primary data from fieldwork of seismic crews);

petrophysical investigations of core samples;

geophysical survey of wells.


For informational support of authorities, Departments, Administrations and other organizations working in the subsoil using field, employees of the Department provide with
– digitization, structuring and centralized storage of geologic-geophysical information, interpretation results, research reports and review and other types of information as a result of geological research in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra;
– development and generation of the divisions structure for further support of the centralized storage of the available information obtained as a result of geological subsoil research in the Okrug;
– preparation and tendering of reference, reporting and cartographic documentation and other data on requests in accordance with the Russian legislation and regulations, operating on the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, authorized procedure and regulations of reporting.

The Databank search engine is standard represented by search tree using or graphical user interface, which allows for searching for information, data display and et al.

The Fund Databank is located in Khanty-Mansiysk city.













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