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Regional studies and justification of trends and volumes of exploration work at the territory of the unallocated fund of Yugra



The principle objective of the geological departments of the Research and Analytical Centre is to evaluate perspectives of the oil and gas potential at the territory of the Administrative Okrug and establish trends of the geological and exploration woks at the territory of non-allocated subsoil fund of Yugra. The choice of directions and successfulness of these works depend on the accuracy of the obtained geological-geophysical data analysis, correct interpretation and appropriate use.

To precisely evaluate the potential of oil and gas-bearing complexes and to choose directions of works the Centre uses all the latest information, including the information obtained at the allocated subsoil fund; some works are conducted in close contact with the oil-producing companies – subsoil users.

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In subdivisions of the Centre the geologists investigate regularities of accumulation conditions and spreading of sedimentary rocks at the territory of the Autonomous Okrug and in the adjacent territories, oil and gas potential of the Late, Middle and Early Jurassic complexes, Neocomian clinoform and shelf complexes, Aptian-Cenomanian and Paleozoic deposits; investigations on the lithology and filtration and capacitance properties of rocks are carried out.

Catalogues of stratigraphic breakdown are compiled, facial zoning of the territory on the Jurassic deposits is performed and standard well logs for all oil and gas-bearing areas are identified. There were drawn detailed maps of the geological structure and perspectives of all oil and gas-bearing complexes occurring at the territory of the Autonomous Okrug.

Research and Analytical Centre has prepared atlases «Geology and oil- and gas-bearing potential of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug» and «Geology and oil- and gas-bearing potential of the Neocomian oil and gas complex».

At the Research and Analytical Centre the Laboratory of the local oil and gas potential forecast the database of kindly objects constantly generates, fund of structures analysis, individual traps resources evaluates and annual balance of promissory resources drawings up.

Professionalism and high qualification of specialists, availability of database of geological and geophysical information and up-to-date software tools allow to integrate search methods. Selection of areas of prospecting-exploration works concentration is based on the results of cosmic images decoding, the regional investigations on defining and generalization of the structure and oil and gas potential of the basic productive horizons, the analysis of the structure and the dynamics of the hydrocarbon resources base state in the Okrug.

Within such areas a detailed seismic survey is planned and processing and interpretation of seismic information is carried out.

Application of the program processing complex ProMax of LandMark company, out-of-system software tools of domestic manufacture allow to obtain seismic material of good quality suitable to solve the problems of various difficulty.

Almost a full line of modern geological-geophysical software of firms LandMark, Hampson-Russel, as well as bundled software developed by experts of the Center, can perform all phases of integrated interpretation of exploration seismology and drilling data. Analysis and interlinkage between seismic data; seismostratigraphic linkage of reflecting horizons; kinematic, dynamic, seismic facies analysis of the wavefield; construct of maps and charts, the restoration of geological development's history of the territory through paleotectonic and paleogeomorphological analysis; all kinds of transformations of wavefields, prediction of lithofacies and petrophysical characteristics of the geological bodies - here is a brief description of ways for creating seismological models of test objects with specification of ascertained deposits boundaries and selection of prospects for drilling and guidelines for exploration work.

On the basis of the regional and detailed geological-geophysical survey the Programs of the geological subsoil studies are developed and geological projects related to organization of prospecting-exploration drilling of wells are drawn up.

From 1996 more than 100 oil fields struck to the recommendations of the Department experts. The success rate is 40. Thirty fields are under development.

The choice of directions for conducting geological-exploration works is based on the analysis of the structure of the resources hydrocarbon base within the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra; this analysis is carried out annually in the NE «V.I.Shpilman RAC RUS». Evaluation of resources in the non-allocated subsoil fund territories is also determinative for the order of submission of subsoil plots to the auctions or in their transfer for geological investigation.

In 2000-2004 during the revaluation of hydrocarbon resources by Ministry of Natural Resources, the Centre carried out works on revaluation of the initial total hydrocarbon resources in the territory of Yugra.

A laboratory for geology of Bazhenov and Abalak oil-and-gas bearing complex was established at the Centre in 2014. The laboratory takes charge over complex research, carried out at the Centre for several years, such as Bazhenov formation study and an estimation of its oil-and-gas content prospects as well as oversees all operations and activities planned on the Bazhenov research practice ground.

The main activities of the department for the registration and substantiation analysis of exploration work
  • - Generalization and interpretation of results of cosmic images decoding, regional studies, geological-geophysical interpretation.
  • - Selection of areas of geological prospecting works concentration. Detailed seismic-prospecting works planning. Exploratory drilling planning.
  • - Geologic and exploration works monitoring in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.
  • - Creation of perspective objects databases, making up annual balance of perspective resources.
  • - Analysis of the hydrocarbon resources base structure. Evaluation of potential and hypothetical resources.
  • - Preparation of regional and detailed geological maps of the perspective objects structure.
  • - Organization of annual programs for the geologic investigation of subsoil.
  • - Annual edition of the map for substantiation of exploration work in Autonomous Okrug.


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