Scientific and practical activity

Regional studies and feasibility of geological
exploration activities at the territory of
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra


The basic task of the Department is an assessment of prospects of the oil and gas potential and feasibility of geological exploration activities at the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra. This is done using all available information, including on allocated subsoil reserve fund, work is carried out in close contact with subsoil companies.

We are studying the trends of the factors for the formation and distribution of basement sediments and sedimentary mantle at the territory of the West Siberian oil and gas province. The geological structure in detail are mapped, the evaluation of resources of all oil and gas reservoirs, allocated on the territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra: pre-Jurassic, Lower and Middle Jurassic, Vasyugan, Bazhenov and Abalak, complicated and uncomplicated Neocomian, Aptian and Cenomanian and Neocomian complexes are performed. Lithology and porosity and permeability properties of rocks are studied. А catalogue of stratigraphic picks has been created and is updated.

Information on hydrocarbon reserves and resources is collected and constantly updated. Risks of the prospecting drilling on local objects are evaluated through the probabilistic forecast of transfer of trap resources into identified resources. Calculated values of prospective and predicted resources are used for prospecting and exploration works.

On the ground of regional and detailed geological and geophysical studies and the quantitative evaluation of resources geologists of the Department create programs of the geological study of the subsoil regionally along the territory of KhMAO – Yugra, for individual areas, for the territories of subsoil users and projects for the geological study of subsoil in licensed areas.

The modern geological study of the subsoil is based on the processing and interpretation of seismic exploration works data. The processing software package of ProMax from company LandMark and software packages of national production are used.

А practically complete line of modern geological and geophysical software from LandMark, Hampson-Russel, as well as software packages created by the Centre specialists, allow to perform all stages of integrated interpretation of seismic exploration and drilling data. Analysis and harmonization of seismic exploration data; seismic stratigraphic reflection identification; kinematic, dynamic, seismic facial analyses of wave field, restoring the history of the geological development of the territory through paleotectonic and paleogeomorphological analyses; all kinds of wave field transformations, prediction of lithofacies and petrophysical characteristics of geological bodies - all of these analyses allow to create seismic geological models of research objects with clarification of the boundaries of identified deposits, allocation of exploration targets for drilling and recommendations for exploration works.

One of the priority competencies of the Centre is the study of the geological structure and oil potential of the Bazhenov suite, which contains hard-to-recover oil reserves. A laboratory for geology of Bazhenov and Abalak oil and gas reservoir was established in 2014.

Since 1996, according to the Department specialists, more than 400 wells have been drilled on the territory of KhMAO – Yugra, more than 100 oil fields have been discovered. Atlases “Geology and oil and gas potential of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug” and “Geological structure and oil and gas potential of the Neocomian complex of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra” were prepared for publication.

Basic fields of work of the Department of Geology:

• analysis and summary of results of geological exploration activities in KhMAO – Yugra;
• monitoring of the resource base status of KhMAO – Yugra;
• development of the programs and the projects of the geological study of the subsoil;
• preparation of regional maps and detailed geological maps of the structure of oil and gas reservoirs of sedimentary mantle and the pre-Jurassic formation.

Head – Oksenoyd Elena Efimovna:  (3452)40-47-08,  oksenoyd@crru.ru.

Scientific and practical activity

Regional studies and feasibility of geological
exploration activities at the territory of
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra
Subsoil licensing
Monitoring of resource base Directions of the theoretical and practical activities of the oilfield development monitoring department
Collection, storage and study of core material Commercial reserves estimation
Economic monitoring of the oil and gas fields development The analysis of natural resources use state
The analysis of the industrial infrastructure systems development Mathematical modeling of geological objects
Development and running the integrated database of the Centre Design of software and information processing systems
Geological and other subsoil information fund Computer simulation for oil-and-gas bearing systems
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Geoportal YUGRA Cartographical production

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