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Development and running the integrated database of the Centre


The basis for the acceptance of rational solutions in the system of the management of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Yugra resources includes substantial research potential, the latest informational software and advanced computer technologies for data processing. The basement of the modern information technologies, i.e. a unified integrated database on oil and gas resources, infrastructure, natural resources use, oilfield development, production of oil and subsoil licensing is being developed in the National Enterprise «V.I.Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil », Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Yugra.


Quantitatively, the integrated database comprises several terabytes of data. But the «qualitative» volume of the integrated database is more substantial; it includes thousands of data tables, relationships, programs, thousands and millions of records. Every day thousands of changes and additions are entered into the database.

The integrated database is precisely structured and organized; it contains verified and interconsistent data. The access to the data is strictly regulated.The integrated database contains information in various forms: numerical, tabulated, graphical, in the form of spatial layers of vector and raster data, a great number of original documents presented, as a rule, as scan-images of primary sources.

The integrated database can be represented as an interconnected and interconsistent aggregate of graphic, relational and document databases.

Integrated database is not an archive, though it includes archive functions. To a greater extent it is an operative database, optimized for continuous daily data input and processing, data analysis by program applications and interactive collective access for scores of users.

The database is widened by different ways. Mass input of information, which was checked and analyzed in specialized local databases of the Centre departments, is accomplished by different programs. Single changes and additions are performed manually using specialized programs of data input into the integrated database.

In both cases the control programs perform a complex check of authenticity and consistency of new data for compatibility with the already loaded data.

Physically, the database consists of two synchronized copies, found in Tyumen and Khanty-Mansiysk centers. Operative information is daily updated and synchronized using data replication procedures through a special communication channel in both centers. Exchange of mass data is performed by way of transmission and load of the information when it is required.

The load, control and access to the data stored in the integrated database are performed directly from personal computers in the local network of the Centre. These computers are equipped with the special software which was developed in the Research and Analytical Centre using such software products as Oracle, C++, Delphi and others. Control of access for various categories of users to the integrated database objects is done in compliance with the regulations, which specify the degree of information confidentiality and the right of the access to the database sections.

The data of the integrated databases are stored and managed in the database multiprocessor servers under the control of Oracle 9 and several file servers. The databases are accessed simultaneously from all personal computers of the Centre local net.

In the whole integrated database of the Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil logically identified are 12 groups of databases, each of which is integrated in the common system and is connected with several related data groups, which is necessary for solving a wide range of problems and making rational managerial decisions.


The Centre integrated databases:

• Oilfields reserves database

• Seismic survey results database

• Prospecting-exploration wells database

• Subsoil plots licensing database

• Oil and gas promising traps database

• Region stratigraphy and geologic structure database

• Production infrastructure database

• Ecology and natural resources use database

• Oil production and well operation database

• Well logs database

• Oilfield development parameters database

• Oil pools and fields geological models database

• Hydronet database


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