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Collection, storage and study of core material



Core material, selected from wells, is a unique primary source of extensive information about the subsoil geological structure, the conditions of sedimentation, the material composition of rocks, the presence or absence of these hydrocarbons. Only with the use of real-cored material may conduct special experiments aimed at the estimation of reserves and an increase in the completeness of extraction of oil in depleted fields in the Khanty- Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.

The peripheral core library, functioning in the structure of AI«V.I.Shpilman RAC RUS», collects, centralized long-term storage, rapid study of core material selected in the Autonomous Okrug. The purpose of long-term storage is ensuring the possibility of studying core material not only present but also future generations of geologists.

A distinctive feature of the core library is stored in its funds core material is available to all interested companies and organizations,and private individuals, taking into account the normative requirements on the use of geological information.

Long-term storage of core samples is carried out in specialized heated storehouse size 75 x 48m, equipped with metal shelving height 9m, total capacity is 960 000m.

Delivery of core materials from oil and gas prospecting wells started in 2003, since 2009 started to collect core samples from prospecting wells in the solid minerals of Polar Urals.


Core material, coming from subsoil users, during preparation for the longterm storage subjected to a thorough revision, if necessary, operational research, and then shifted to a special packaging and directs to storage locations. Accredited petrophysical laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment makes an analysis of core material.

Operational tests of full-sized core include photographs of the core samples with white and ultraviolet light, the measurement of total and spectral gamma-activity (gammaray logging of core samples in spectrometry variant) the definition of gas permeability profile. The results give an opportunity to estimate the nature of saturation, specify the depth of recovery of core, to select plots with good reservoir properties.


Detailed studies of core samples consist of determining the porosity, gas permeability, electrical resistivity, the residual oil-water saturation, carbonate, etc. The study of material composition, the structure of rocks and their pore space is made through the analysis of petrographic thin sections using The Computer polarizing microscope and a laser analyzer.

These laboratory studies are used by specialists of AI «V.I.Shpilman RAC RUS» and third-party customers in the calculation of reserves and preparation of field development projects of unallocated and allocated subsoil funds.

All information about the core material, the addresses of its storage on shelves and laboratory test results are stored in the databank of AI «V.I.Shpilman RAC RUS».

In the peripheral core library at the beginning of 2010 concentrate:

• full-sized core – 169 000m from more than 2 500 wells;

• laboratory investigated samples – 20 000 pcs.

• petrographic thin sections – 14 150 pcs.

• sludge samples – 12 700 pcs. The demand for core's stored material is very high. Scientific, industrial and educational organizations constantly address to the Core library services. For work and acquaintance with the core material, comfortable working spaces and necessary accessories are provided for customers.

Regularly study tours undertake – lectures for students, schools, guests of the city and Okrug. Core library is a training base for the practical training of students of the Institute of Geology and Yugra Oil and Gas State University.

Over the years the core library was visited by many famous Russian and foreign professionals in geology and other schools, politicians, government leaders, including and the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. They praised the work of the peripheral core library.




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