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Computer simulation for oil-and-gas bearing systems


The main area of the laboratory's activity is to simulate the processes of sedimentation, the generation of hydrocarbons and the formation of hydrocarbon raw materials in order to highlight priority areas for exploration and geological surveys. During modeling the principles of organic law of sedimentarymigration of oil formation and geodynamic approach to the study of sedimentation tanks are used. Works are carried out in active collaboration with the French Petroleum Institute (IFP).

The main steps of modeling and using of geological and geophysical information

• Create a structural frame Construction of columns and profiles of various types by well data. Creating threedimensional blocks of maps for properties and parameters by investigated horizons.

• Description of lithology of the block Construction of lithologic indexes maps by results of analysis of wells research materials (core material, well survey) or by conversion of facies-departure maps.

• Description of oil-source strata Construction of indexes maps of kerogen (type of source organic matter) and maps of TOC (organic carbon content).

• Description of temperature conditions of the block Maps of present-day temperatures, paleotemperatures maps, maps of heat current. Calibration of the model based on research findings of vitrinite reflection factor, as well as the deep formation temperature measurements.

• Estimate of uncertainties and risks in the analysis of the received model Estimate of the effect of each input parameters on simulation results, as well as the mutual effect of parameters on the model. Optimization of input parameters on the basis of a priori information.


Main activities of the laboratory for computer simulation for oil-and-gas bearing systems

• Paleostructural analysis

• 1D \ 2D \ 3D-modeling of geological processes

• Preliminary estimate of kindly reservoirs













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