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Economic monitoring of the oil and gas fields development



The urgency of the carried out works is conditioned by the growth of the economic evaluation role when making decisions in the use of the subsoil.

The main objective: economic substantiation of the trends of the territorial policy in the oil production industry, estimation by the State and oil companies efficiency when managing subsoil development.

High professional skills of the Centre specialists, extensive informational base, as well as up-to-date software allow to carry out multi-variant economic calculations which increases the accuracy of the obtained estimations.

The geological-economic estimation of the oil and gas fields:

• estimation of the investment projects economic efficiency for the oil and gas fields development.

The analysis of the external and internal conditions of the oil- and gas- producing enterprises operation:

– monitoring for oil transportation tariffs;

– analysis of the conditions in the world and domestic oil and oil product markets;

– analysis of the tax system in the subsoil use branch;

– estimation of the efficiency of the geological and exploration works for oil and gas search;

– acquisition and systematization of the information related to the norms of current expenditures and capital investments in the oil and gas fields;

– monitoring the normative and legislative base in the subsoil use system;

– investment-financial analysis of the Russian oil companies operation;

– estimation of economic efficiency of the transfer system rights for the subsoil use of the oil- and gas-bearing plots (efficiency of the license policy);

– acquisition, systematization and analysis of the information related to the basic productioneconomical indicators of the oil- and gas-producing companies operation.

Estimate of the mining property cost:

• estimate of the cost of the rights to the subsoil geologic information;

• estimate of the cost of the exploratory wells constructed at the expense of public funds;

• estimate of the cost of the property complex which is on a subsoil plot;

• cost estimate of oil and gas reserves;

• estimate of the cost for the subsoil use rights (commercial value of licenses);

• estimate of the complete replacement cost of geological and exploration targets for oil and gas;


• estimate of the oil and gas producing companies commercial cost.

In realizing its basic trends of activities the RAC RUS works in close cooperation with the federal and territorial bodies of the government authorities, oil and gas producing and geological-exploration enterprises, research and design institutes, higher educational institutions.

Main activities of economic-geological modeling department

• Geological-economic estimation of oil and gas fields.

• Analysis of the external and internal conditions of oil and gas producing enterprises functioning.

• Substantiation of cost efficiency of exploration works.

• Estimate of a system effectiveness of subsoil licensing.

• Estimation of the mining property cost.





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