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Directions of the theoretical and practical activities of the oilfield development monitoring department



As a result of long-term works of the Yugra
oilfield development monitoring department the multilevel data system has been created. On the base of this system the control of execution of technological solutions for design documents and decisions of The Central Commission of fields development is exercised, implementation of rated development systems on 50 production data, 275 licensing plots characterized activity of 64 subsoil users in Okrug and 9 vertically-integrated oil companies is estimated.

On the basis of the monitoring development data the classification of licensing plots of Okrug by generation of reserves is made, which allows to estimate the rationality of use and completeness of reserves development.

One of the basic trends of theoretical and practical activity of the oilfield development monitoring department is forecasting the degree of oil reserves depletion at the Yugra oilfields. To successfully solve the projective, research works in several
directions are being conducted:

• ways of improvement of reserves recovery;

• geological production analysis of development on the basis of interpretation of petrophysical, development and hydrodynamic surveys of wells;

• taking into account the mode of deformation of a productive stratum at construction of development systems;


• influence of micro- and macroheterogeneity on the reservoir oil recovery;

• modeling of technological processes for double environment fields, with extra-heavy crude oil, in the conditions of elastic water drive;

• development of methods on bringing into service of low - pervious reservoirs;

• creation and updating of sector geological and filtrational patterns (in software products Roxar Irap RMS, Tempest&MORE, Schlumberger Eclipse, Baspro) for optimization of impact system and generation of addressing program for geological-and-technical arrangements on perspective plots of development objects.

At the same time the implementation of special-purpose programs considering a suite of the geological-and-physical data for modelling of development maps is carried out; estimates of reservoirs coupling and distribution of injected water; the analysis of field values for wells; and also program modules of optimization of modeling processes.

The oilfield development monitoring department created the consulting program for development of oilfields of Yugra, which allows estimate scripts of development depending on change of coefficients influencing on oil production.

Techniques of forecasting for development coefficients (АLGОМЕS-1 and АLGOMES-2), including double environments, used for oil production estimate for oilfields in Khanty – Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug on the near-term and long-run outlook (the year 2020) for the purpose of economic and social planning of the region development are worked out. Experts take part in examination of technological solutions within the bounds of activity of Territorial division of The Central Commission of fields development in Yugra and in realization of design solutions for the regional administration and Rosprirodnadzor. Employees of department are authors of two books concerning improvement of oilfields development also 5 theses have been successfully defended on the staff. For creation of monitoring system of oilfields development in Yugra composite authors of the department have been noted by the Muravlenko's award.

















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